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Ikonoskop Zoom Package

This is our favorite day-shoot RAW cinema package: The A-Cam with a meaty zoom and a Sound Devices PIX 240.  


Shoot RAW onto the Ikonoskop's cards while making dailies onto the PIX at the same time!  And if you use the PIX for audio and jam timecode with the A-Cam and an external audio recorder (like our Sound Devices 633), everything is ready to go for post, right out of the gate.  


Though our DIT workstation or audio recorder isn't required to shoot, we strongly recommend at least the workstation, in that it's preloaded with software and hardware to get all your data out of the cards and into a post-friendly drive as quickly and easily as possible.


If you select a 'softcase' instead of a pelican case, the entire rig will be delivered pre-built, meaning that you can start shooting the second you have the camera in hand.