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  • June 18: Workshop @ 16 BY 40 HQ
  • Michael Hernandez-Stern
June 18: Workshop @ 16 BY 40 HQ

It's not just about doing it faster—it's about doing it better.

Every week we get questions about movement: pan or slide? Slide or dolly?  Dolly or gimbal?  Gimbal or jib?  And the answer isn't always just what works once; what works for a whole day's shoot?  Or a whole week?

That's why we're inviting anyone interested to come over on Thursday the 18th at 7pm and dig your hands into a few different methods and modes of getting the camera off sticks and moving in space.  We'll have some demos, answer questions and open the fridge for some light refreshment.

If you plan on attending, go head and let us know by filling out this form—If you can't make it or are interested in other workshops, feel free to fill out the form as well, as we welcome feedback.  

We're going to try and keep this one on the smaller-side so that everyone can get a crack at least a couple different methods (e.g., our Ronin rig or a follow focus motor), but we'll have a decent amount of cold ones in the ice chest, so feel free to bring along anyone who might be interested.

If you've got any ideas or special requests, let us know!

  • Michael Hernandez-Stern