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  • Introducing: 16 By 40 Referral credit
  • Michael Hernandez-Stern
Introducing: 16 By 40 Referral credit

It's warm and dry and it's time to start making work again.  We're gearing up for the season and adding new items every week.

To get things going so that we can expand even more, we're opening up a referral program: 

Starting this month, refer a friend and get up to 10% of the rental in cash or 15% in rental credit! 

Here's a breakdown of what we're talking about:

— Any rental between $500 and $1000: get 5% cash or 10% in rental credit.
— Any rental over $1000: get 10% cash or 15% rental credit.

An example of how it works: you refer a friend and they rent $1200 package.  You can collect either $120 or $180 in rental credit—your choice.  

The only caveat: they've got to be a new customer.  As much as I love a good pyramid scheme, let's be reasonable, folks.

Every rental we get makes our gear cabinet bigger and our rates lower.  So let's make the most of the pre-swamp-weather-summer and get shooting!

  • Michael Hernandez-Stern