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Ikonoskop Prime Lens Package

This is our best 'Cinematic Look' RAW cinema package: The A-Cam with a solid set of primes.  T1.3 Illuminas make it so that you can nearly see in the dark, and you can focus down to a hair if that's the look you're going for.


Shoot RAW with all 6 of our A-Cam cards and have the AC or DIT dump the cards throughout the day, giving you near limitless shooting—as long as you bring a few hard drives.  With a single 160GB card, you get over 30 minutes of footage, meaning that as long as someone is manning the DIT workstation every few hours, you're more than good to go.


And make your time in post as fast as your time on set!  Use our Sound Devices 633 for audio and set that SMPTE timecode going—synching happens WHILE you shoot, and not after. 


Though our DIT workstation or audio recorder isn't required to shoot, we strongly recommend at least the workstation, in that it's preloaded with software and hardware to get all your data out of the cards and into a post-friendly drive as quickly and easily as possible.


If you select a 'softcase' instead of a pelican case, the entire rig will be delivered pre-built, meaning that you can start shooting the second you have the camera in hand.