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Aaton XTR Zoom Package

If you're shooting s16, you probably already know exactly what you want and exactly what you're doing.  But when you're out in the field, there is always a bit of of 'fluidity' to the situation—locations aren't exactly like the scout dossier said, the angle is a tiny bit too wide, the sticks can only extend just a few inches further.  


For these situations, having a versatile zoom is the way to go.  From run-and-gun to agonizing retakes on a tripod, not having to even think about lens changes can be the difference between a tough day and an impossible one.


For exactly this, we've set up our XTR with a nice, wide canon zoom, which is a perfect match.  If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for us.


If you're feeling like you want something a little more robust for dailies, we can even set up the PIX240 with it so anyone can see what's in the can without, well, opening up the can.